Mistress Eve

Mistress Eve

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I'm a 20 y/o owned bitch, with an awesome feeder for a partner. I like video games, anime, art, eating, burping, writing, soft purple blankets, & photography.

My belly is getting really soft, so I decided to do a little tummy play. :3

My tummy looks super-duper cute today, it was hard to resist taking tons of pictures~ :3

Anonymous said: The link of your page could not be part of the videos? Is that just totally messing notice the beauty of their videos, Eve! Hope you do not get upset! Just an observation even.

It’s a mild inconvenience for the watermark to be there, but I don’t believe it’s too distracting for anyone watching. Besides, it’s my only defense against people attempting to steal or impersonate me around the web. 

Today’s feast~ I’m certainly loving these lava cakes. :3

Finger Food: Cake Stuffing, Burps, Belly/Navel Play, Teasing! There’s a bit of glitching in the video from 4:18-4:35, it doesn’t effect the rest of the video and is just in that little part. So don’t worry when you see it. :)

(Source: youtube.com)

Soda Chugging, Massive Burps, Navel & Belly Play

(Source: youtube.com)

Anonymous said: Do you burp in front of your bf?

Yeah, I’ve always been really open about burping: I think it’s silly to try and conceal normal things that everyone does. So long as it’s appropriate, that is. :)

Took some pictures after filming new videos that’ll be uploaded sometime today~ My belly looked so cute when the jeans were done-up. I just wish I could cuddle my own belly sometimes. :3

First food picture is a snack; two pieces of cake, soda, chips, and cookies with peanut butter. Second food picture is a large bowl of ramen that I made, it has a full steak, hard boiled egg, chives, baby spinach, and peas. I added as much fat and oil to the broth that I could, it turned out super yummy~ :3  

Took these a few days ago, they are a set of body progression pictures as my tummy gets more and more stuffed.~