Mistress Eve

Mistress Eve

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20 y/o feedee, branded & owned by my Boyfriend, Feeder, & Master, Darius.

His tumblr: missevesfeeder

Current Weight: 147.1


Have more of her leftover belly shots

porkerbellylover said: That's not your bf Eve, it's you! You're teasing us! Those muscular shoulders are yours, why didn't you tell us you were hitting the gym hard? Omg

Damn right those muscular shoulders are mine… Alllllll mine~ But yeah, Darius likes to work out, he got me to try out wall sits once, so he could laugh at me, I failed pretty hard and haven’t done it since. 

Anonymous said: Hi Darius, or should I better write "Hello EVE!" nice try with the "fake" profile. You don't have a Feeder or even a boyfriend. Well, just guessing but for SURE this profil runs by yourself. Not only to see clearly in the linguistic similarity of both of your answers but also in the online footprints everyone leaves behind on the internet. ;) I think you are psychologically disturbed and seeking for attention, love.. just disturbed. Some people seem to love the illusion you create. So go on.


Online footprints, huh? Adorable. You also ‘do not forgive or forget’ I’m guessing.Guy Fawkes mask, trench coat, etc? Only other thing I’ll address is that when you’re in a relationship with another for long enough, your differences become similarities. Nice work overall, detective. You’re putting us disturbed people down, one mental illness at a time. 

Thats my handsome man, right there. :3 


Simple Eve 2L sweet tea bloat progression.
Scales from beginning to finish. 

Just in case any of you missed these pictures you should check them out! 

Anonymous said: I've been thinking about getting into stuffing regularly myself. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to do it?

Uhm, something I wish I would have done when I first start was: drinking 2 liters throughout a full day. I buy the powdered iced tea and mix it with water in a 2 litre bottle that used to have soda in it. You can use any type of drink you want though so long as it has a lot of sugar in it.

Drinking it helps to expand my stomach, me and Lord Darius have both noticed a considerable change my in my stomach since I started doing that. Currently, I’ve moved on from doing it for a full day and try to drink it all in a couple of hours. :3

There’s this one really creepy anon, is it possible to block them? Someone halp, I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life. o.o

Anonymous said: No safewords? Other than it "ruining the fun" as your feeder says it does for him, what are your thoughts on not using them?

We really don’t need them, neither of us wants them. He knows my limits perfectly, sometimes he pushes me a little bit further, and progress always gets made that way. I’m with him because I want to be, not because he’s forcing me, we have a very smooth sub/dom relationship, a smooth relationship in general. He is my Master, but that doesn’t mean we don’t chill, joke around, play video games, he’s very easy going and we match eachothers opposites. :)


If you have any questions, the only way to ever get them answered is to ask. Stop being lazy or shy, whichever it is. 

Yup yup yup, neither of us mind your questions, I made his tumblr account for all of the people saying they’d love to ask him things and interact with him, so nows your chance~ :3

Anonymous said: Did you ever find it difficult to maintain a sub dom relationship while still maintaining respect and the softer side of compassion? Like your name on eve's tummy is a beautiful gesture of a profound link between you two, but do you ever fear about what could happen should things for some reason not work out and be concerned for her on her behalf in that type of way? I don't know if that's terribly clear.


Difficulty in a relationship can be very low, not absent completely, but I’m talking on super minor scales when both people know their role but can still agree to make adaptations where needed most. Example following: I consider her like my partner in crime; I’m the primary shot-caller that guides us to the loot while she follows, providing support. There will be some occasions where I might have the right idea in mind, but she may have the better guide toward executing it effectively. Flexibility is a good word to use here. The branding was her decision that she is fully aware could have repercussions should we not work out. It’s a mark of endearment most people think is one she will regret. I personally wouldn’t want to deny her the ability to convey her loyalty toward me in whichever way she pleases. That wouldn’t be maintaining respect. 

Master Darius likes this skirt on me because it hugs my hips and shows off my growing love-handles. 

Also, if you didn’t read his “Eve Update #2” I suggest you do, it explains the last picture with the massive hole in the pants.