Mistress Eve

Mistress Eve

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20 y/o owned feedee, likes owls, & sweets.

Current Weight: 146.5

I tried my very best to suck in my stomach for the first pic, it was really uncomfortable though. I’m glad my belly is getting harder and harder to hide. :)

Anonymous said: What do your friends/ family think of your gains?

Uh, no one’s been too terribly opinionated about it. Mostly just a few “you look bigger” remarks here or there. 

Anonymous said: Hi miss eve :) first of all i want to say that you've a fantastici and beatiful belly :) can you stuffed or bloated your belly until the button of the jeans pop???thank's so much

I’ll be doing button popping once I’ve packed on more weight, so stick around for a while longer and I will deliver! 

Anonymous said: Hey eve! When is the next inflation?

More inflation will come once I’m comfortable enough to start doing it again. I went way too hard with it at first, which was an amateur mistake I guess, so my insides suffered as a result of trying to push for more. :[

Anonymous said: can you post a pic comparing when you started to now?

I have plans on it, I just wanted to gain a bit more weight. But all you really need to do is scroll down in my blog a bit, and compare for yourself. :)

Anonymous said: It would be cute if you had a belly button burps video on YouTube. Something where you press that adorable belly button of yours and a burp comes out. Your gaining really well! Keep up the good work :)

Hm, I’ll keep this idea in mind. This usually wouldn’t be anything I’d even take a second to think about in the moment. You would be unpleasantly surprised at how forgetful you can become when in front of a camera. Thanks, though!  

Anonymous said: If we are interested in paying you for a custom video, do you have an email we can contact you by or how would we get in contact with you otherwise?

Yup, email is strictly used for business: LittleGainer.Eve@gmail.com

That’s where all your custom clip inquires should go, however if you just want normal chit-chat tumblr is the place. :)

Ahem… CHINESE FOOD! I will certainly be stuffing myself into a food coma with it today. 

Anonymous said: Hello! Huge fan of yours and a fellow belly lover! How does your boyfriend feel about you having a feeder? I just got into a relationship with a guy (who is really into chubby girls), but I'm afraid to tell him about my bloating/feeder. Any advice?

I can’t really say I do have advice, since my boyfriend is my feeder. Not too sure where you got that wrong info from. Though, I’d just suggest talking to your actual partner about your feeder, (depending on if he’s just a feeder and nothing goes beyond that) feel him out, express that you’d be willing to call it off with your feeder if thats what he wants. Kinda weird that you’d get in a relationship with someone and not tell them that though. :/

Anonymous said: You get much more beautiful with denim shorts or other shorts, Miss Eve, in your videos and photos!

I don’t always feel comfortable showing that much skin, but the shorts do show my progress. :)